Mera Finest Fit – adult sensitive 1.5kg

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للقطط البالغة صاحبة المعدة الحساسة

for adult cats 12+ months


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Mera finest fit adult sensitive 1.5kg

Mera Finest Fit – adult sensitive 1.5kg is dedicated cat food package for sensitive cats The nutrition of cats, which react sensitively to their cat food, requires a particularly digestible and easily digestible food, which brings the necessary sensitiveness. Therefore, the True Love Cat Food formula for sensitive cats combines turkey and salmon with gentle, easily digestible rice.In addition to light yogurt and fruity wild berries, chicory also provides the extra portion of inulin, which serves the healthy intestinal flora as food and thus supports the regulated digestion. True love cat food only with fine turkey and noble salmon.In combination with wholesome rice. Comprehensive protection concept Gently steamed Protein 32% / fat 15%100% produced in Germany Production according to food standard Production with green electricity – CO2neutralWithout color and preservatives With 60% of meat Completing turkey and salmon are used in dried form. This corresponds to a proportion of the formulation of 60% before drying Very good in the test for food testers – look for yourself


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